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Utility Choice Savings

Energy Efficiency Solutions


Utility Choice Savings

Energy Efficiency Solutions



Utility Choice Savings provides national, professional, cost saving, energy efficiency services, engineering, and project development services for retail, commercial and industrial clients.


Utility Choice Energy Efficiency Solutions provide


Cash flow positive, integrated energy reduction solutions


Reduce energy usage


Lower energy costs


Bottom line savings


Energy Procurement Savings


Commercial Solar Power Installations


No investment in management, inventory, or labor, with savings dropping directly to your bottom line

















At UCS, we work with our clients to develop engineering, project development and turnkey efficiency installations.


We assist our clients in securing low cost project financing, tax credits, utility incentives and grants to reduce project costs and accelerate project pay down.



As a result of our efficiency measures our typical project is cash flow positive, with savings exceeding the project costs. This results in no out of pocket costs for the efficiency upgrades which are financed out of the energy savings, dropping the net savings directly to your bottom line.





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